Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday Tales

After a day of conference calls, being present, and kicking up my heels, I had a cocktail/meeting with a co-worker before we met up with others for a working session.

I am thinking I most likely don't need to tell you the pre-meeting was on my patio, the cocktail was goose and tonic with limes, tunes were rocking, and the party pussy attended too.

Isn't she adorable? My love kitty Jasmine. See how she poses so nicely for the camera too? Like a celebrity on the red carpet, she has one paw positioned in front of the other.

Post the working session, I met up with my other peeps for Thursday night happy hour at our Cheers. I arrived late, obviously, but was able to see everyone before they headed out. Tyler hung around for a while and Kyla and Stephanie came later on too.

This is Stephanie and Tyler goofing. In case you are wondering, that is a piece of pizza on Tyler's head. Ya' just never know what will happen around this crew. Including creepy drunk dudes inviting themselves to our tables and freaking us out a bit.

Or getting called out by your best friend and hairstylist for having multiple bobby pins in your hair for a style that calls for a ponytail and two pins usually. Hey, I got ready at 5:20 AM. I did the best I could with relatively clean hair and the faux hawk. I do realize 10 was overkill but my hair didn't move. Lova ya' for keeping it real.

Got home after 1:30 AM and promptly fell dead to the world asleep. I still have not seen Chloe (the black and white kitty) but her sister did come out for a bit last night. I vaguely recall hearing some hissing going on.

T and her husband are coming over tonight to walk with Tyler and me as well as to coax their babies from their hiding places. I need some piece of mind. I am certain Chloe is in here but the question is where.

Anywho, hope y'all are having a good Friday. It's cool and a little overcast around these parts. Here is to hoping the rain will stay away so we can enjoy the walk this evening and possibly bbq tonight.

Ok, we live in the Northwest so even if it does rain, we'll walk and cook outside too. That is how we roll. But it would be nice to have some summer weather to end the work week and begin the weekend.

I already anticipate wearing a hoodie and jeans or a sweater at minimum to the Mariners game tomorrow night.

Peace and Love Peeps. Lunch break is over. Hugs and love to all of y'all.


Summer said...

LOL @ the bobby pins! Enjoy your weekend.

kimmyk said...

I'm a little concerned about those bobby pins girlie! LOL! Although I'm sure you were rockin' the pony.

Looks like you guys were having fun though. How the hell did he get pizza on his head though??

Did the kitty come out?

Mo said...

He got pizza on his head just because. Steph threw it up there and it stuck. :0

sunny said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful, beautiful kitty cat. She is

I agree with you, she has a lot of "red carpet" poise!