Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rock On

I don't have the time this morning to figure out/remember how to post a video but in the spirit of fluff, I leave you with the song I am digging on the most these days.

Have you heard it? Stronger by Kanye West.

I gots to go. As T put it the other day it takes me a long time to get fluffy. She means getting ready. Y'all know what? She's right and if I don't get going now, I'm gonna' end making her and Ace wait.

Peace and Love Peeps. Make it a good day.


wendy said...

glad you had a great evening! It's so nice to have some down time every week, just for yourself. Try and fit it in more often! You'll like it! I hope you have a fantastic day today too.

kimmyk said...

hope you had a good day hanging with your friends.

and yeah. if you use 30+ products a day-your ass best get movin' before it ends up being tomorrow and ya miss it all.