Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sign of Times to Come?

Over the weekend I noticed something making, dare I say it, a comeback.

Maybe it is just a West coast thing but it looks like it is here for now. Even Justin Bobby on The Hills was wearing one on an episode.

What am I referring to you might be asking?

Plaid shirts. Grunge style. Not faux western fashion. Not preppy plaid.

I can dig a plaid shirt. Don't get me wrong. But the skinny jeans? Not so much.

I just gotta' put this out there, can their junk breathe if they are wearing something like this? I will say I'll take a pair of fitted jeans over the four sizes too big hanging off your waist style though.

So for those of you out fall back to school shopping, are you seeing the plaid trend too?

Y'all please tell me I won't be looking across the table this fall or winter on a date with a man wearing a "I wanna' be cool with my skinny jeans and lumberjack shirt" self.


kimmyk said...

i recently took adam shopping for school [kid only wears hollister, abercrombie and fitch, and american eagle] and plaid lumberjack shirts were everywhere. no sparkly cowboy shirts, but like you said 90's post grunge kurt cobain flannel. yep. he wont wear skinny jeans-hell no. abbie on the other hand bought her a couple pairs of skinny jeans with some ballerina flats from forever 21 and she looks adorable. of course she's 14 and a size 1.

me? i wear scrubs all day and at night when i get home i'm all about comfort. i need to go get me some new clothes for fall/winter usual attire consists of jeans and a sweatshirt....i'm such a summertime girl...

wendy said...

OMG, this is hilarious. I just have to wonder where the heck this post came from!

I'm a joe's jeans girl, and on guys, I think skinny is just a little weird. Although, you're right, boxers hanging out the back is just not sexy. I guess prefer lucky's and diesel's on boys.

Hope you're having a really great day today! I'm heading up to the city tonight, have some errands to run, so hopefully I'll have time to stop by the Flying Fish, love it there!

Ace C said...

So I tuned in for one of those damn shows the other night because nothing else was on and I think I might be hooked. The shirt is in by the way...but who the hell has to first change...Ace Steve.

Tammy said...

To quote the great SFG: "My Gay-Dar just dinged."

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this plaid-shirt grungy-skinny jeans thing yet in Florida.

We usually inherit our trends from you west coast folks, so now I will be on the lookout for this one.

Hmm.... looks kinda funky!

Anonymous said...

Mo! Thanks for your visit and HUGS! And, I'm laughing here at this post...I'VE NOTICED IT TOO! It't everywhere! Kind of freaked me out at first (and I live in the NW)!

As for the junk part, the jeans are usually so full of holes that I don't think there's any issue (heh-heh).