Thursday, August 16, 2007


My day has been full of conference calls, which is normal. What is not so normal is for me to be totally engaged in the call instead of multitasking.
See, I have a really bad habit of being on a call, working on the computer, reviewing files, making lists, etc. instead of giving it/the person my full attention.
Today I decided to turn over a new leaf so to speak.
I kicked up my heels and decided to be PRESENT.
I feel less stress as a result.
Here is to keeping that vibe going.

On another note, I just noticed a quarter in my desk is 42 years old. 42! That is pretty darn cool in my book.


kimmyk said...

Nice shoes!

I can't just talk on the phone and not do something else. I wish I could, but I can't. I'm a firm believer on multi tasking.

wendy said...

I agree, great shoes!

I struggle between multitasking and paying attention. Someone I know doesn't answer her phone while she's talking to you in her office - I always answer the phone! But I always think of her, and how, if you're the person in her office, don't you feel important, like she cares about what you're saying???'s a struggle, I think it's good you're paying attention - good luck on keeping that going!

Tammy said...

I covet those shoes.

Summer said...

I wish I could wear shoes. I wear crocs and flip flops most days.

Mo said...

That is usually me but I thought I would give it a try. Trust it was tough.

Wendy, Kim, and Tammy, Thanks for the comments about the shoes. My red patent leather shoes all grown up. I love those shoes but I gotta say after being in them for 18 hours, my feet were killing me last night. Killing me!

Summer, I would love to wear flip flops most days. My business environment doesn't allow for it unfortunately and that totally plays in to my shoe addiction. And people stopping by my office, when I am in the office, to see what shoes I have on.

I try not to wear the same ones in a week. This week my selections included silver peep toe heels, light pink and black lace heels, leopard print heels, the red patent ones pictured, and black slingback heels.

I long for a pair of flip flops or god forbid I say this, my Uggs.

Big Cute Beach Girl said...

i'm totally diggin on the fuck me pumps, i must go buy some right away...