Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good Times

Great day yesterday with Ace and T.

You expected that though didn't you? Me too.

T and I started off the morning with breakfast on the patio.

OJ with no pulp, an english muffin with a couple spritzes of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, a slice of cheese split in half, a canadian bacon round slice, and a scrambled egg.

I firmly believe if you have a patio/deck, the weather is cooperating, and the means to dine al fresco you should.

Also, use your fun/party glasses every chance you can. You are deserving! Break out the good dishes, your china too for that matter. Make the ordinary moments of life a celebration. In my book, they are.

We had a late start due to traffic issues. Thank god there was no fatality as a result of the seven car pile up in Fife but the traffic jams were enough to drive peeps up a wall and then some.

Before we go further, I would like to send a quick shout out to Ace and T.

Thanks to you both for hanging with me, keeping me from spending oodles of dough at the Container Store, and I am so very happy I could be the butt of many a joke. I love you guys with my heart and soul!

Back to the day...Yes, it is true I like to organize and odd things make me happy but this, unless someone gives it to me, will not be an addition to my home.

The two of them spotted this bad boy and agreed it screamed Mo. It is nifty and I could see myself using it.

Now, those collapsing measuring cups and the digital date counter I think I should have picked up while we were in the store. My sharpie and masking tape system pale in comparison.

The box I still want. Me thinks it would make a nice birthday present. An indulgence I can justify.

What did I end up getting? Three black magazine files for my crafty area. My library of books is starting to overflow. My preference would have been leather but at the price and look, these were too good to pass up.

From there we headed over to the Bellevue Square Mall. Let me just say, plannel is back. That is my new word for the plaid, flannel type shirts I spoke of earlier. It is large and in charge.

Y'all, it looks like tie dye and 60s inspired fashion is too. Some of that I will dig but for the most part, no thank you. Oh, and the skinny jeans were out in full force too.

T picked up a pair of jeans at Lucky. I struck out in picking up some new scented oils and found no shoes I had to have. Ace found nothing that struck his fancy either.

T spotted so we indulged.

Cupcakes always bring a smile don't they? She got the ticker tape parade cupcake. Ace and I split a pure joy and the vanilla bean dream. I really could have used some soy milk to go along with the sweetness but nope, only regular, 2%, and skim were on hand.

As much poking I got from the request I just want to say, this is Washington state. You know the land of the natural, organic, the alternative, the tree hugging, green way of life we are made fun of. Soy milk is not that out of the ordinary so y'all hush it. I should have made you walk back up to Tully's after all.

We scarfed our cupcakes and headed on over to Ikea. First up?

It is part of our shopping tradition. Normally we end the trip this way but this day we started with the dogs, chips, and soda. The bag of chips have gotten smaller since our last visit. I forgot Ace really likes mustard on his dog and I learned T will put ketchup down one side of the bun and mustard down the other. I layer mine on top of the dog. And eat it with a fork and knife.

We watched a mom go off on her little boy when he picked up the dog he dropped on the floor. His mummy got all up on him and the poor thing started crying. He was perfectly fine until she went off on him. I thought I was going to have to get in her business if she didn't spend the fifty cents to get him a new dog. In the end she did but only after she got her coffee fix.

I do not wish to judge her. There is no telling what kind of day she was having and this may have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back but it was a hot dog for christ's sake. A fifty cent dog. No need to bust your baby's balls.

I found a couple of options to reorganize and store my crafty stuff but took it as a sign this was not the day to make the purchase when they were out of stock on the handles I would have gotten to match my current entertainment system.

A sneak peek of what we ended up with .

Now you might be asking yourself what that black armed thing with the white female symbol is. It is my new sleeping companion. A pillow to put between my divets as Ace said. I call it my business. Either way you look at it, it is to put between my knees to help align me at night.

Found "her" in the as is section. Nothing is wrong with her from what I can tell so I am thinking she was reduced for quick sale. I feel a little strange with it being a she so I might be looking for a new kiddie shirt to dress it in.

I also ended up with 400 tea lights, another multiple wall outlet plug in, a red glass vase, and a decorative bowl.

Ace picked up some tupperware type containers and sheets.

On the way out, Ace and T had the other part of the Ikea shopping tradition. Cinnamon buns.

I chose not to get one because of something that happened mid shopping. I've given ya' lots to read for now. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow or Tuesday. It might be TMI for some but I promised I would call myself out. As such, it is deserving of its very own post.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

good times right there. good for you. i love your "use the good china" theory. you are correct!

i love those collapsing measuring cups. i've been eyeballin' them in a catalog for about a month now. those are quite cool.

i'm glad you had a good day with your are blessed to have such great friends.

wendy said...

I had forgotten about the china til I saw Kimmy's post - I agree. That's a fantastic theory for life, and it is the little details.

Now I wish I had tagged along! sounds like so much fun! I've never been to the container store!

Do I need to be worried about your next post?? =) Have a great day, too!

Mo said...

You are one of those friends too. I hope you know that.

I sense a trip to the container store coming on. :)

No need to worry about the next post. I think you will laugh as much as we did. Let me just say I believe everyone has been there at least once in their life and it is one of the common bonds all humans share.

kimmyk said...

OMG. Wendy!
You seriously seriously need to go to the container store if only once. its like you walk in there and for some odd reason the air is cleaner and all your aches and pains go away and you feel good...little blue birds appear on your's crazy cool.

Ace C said...

you damn skippy something happened mid shopping and it almost ended up in between the divets. I swear I am stilling laughing my ass off. I told the story to the Cancer patients and they were laughing there asses off too. The simplest things go a long way, especially when the joke is not on you.

Mo said...

Ace, I gots nothing. Next time I am going to work really hard at finding a joke on you. ;)