Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekend Plans

Thank Bob it is Friday.

And I didn't have to get on a jet plane and take care of some unfortunate business today.

What's on the agenda for the weekend?

Friday night remains to be seen. I am totally on the fence about going to the baseball game as planned with Pete, his best friend, and best friend's 7 year old son. His best friend's son asked for me specifically but all things considered, my inner voice is leaning more toward no.

If I don't go, I have an alternate choice to catch up with Kyla and see her man host a night at a local club while doing what he does best, spinning the tunes.

Saturday is all about shopping with Ace and T. We are hitting up
for sure. I can't wait to spend time with them. Laugh, sing-a-long, partake in some naughty food, and just enjoy the time with two of my favorite peeps.
Sunday I am reserving for downtime but that could change in the blink of an eye.
Whatcha' got going on in your world?


kimmyk said...

Don't go Mo. Don't go. As nice as it was for the 7 year old to ask you to go-I wouldn't do it. He needs to know it's over between you and Pete just as much as Pete needs to realize it-especially given the events of last week.

I wish we had an Ikea store here, but we don't. Everyone always rambles on about that place-I'm so jealous and I've never been there.

My plans? Tonight watching Adam play football. Tomorrow he has another game at noon, then tomorrow night I have no plans so hopefully I can get some homework done and Sunday I'm driving home to see the folks and see all this flooding first hand. That's it. I'd rather be doing something spectacular, but yeah not so much. Such is the life of me.

Hope you have a good weekend, and go listen to your friend spin some tunes. That's less damaging to the heart muscle.

wendy said...

sitting in Friday nite traffic to hit up the south end sounds like no fun at all.

I'm with K on this one, BAIL.

Today's my 5 year anniversary. I've got a 10 miler tomorrow, and we'll celebrate tomorrow night at dinner somewhere.

Sunday's low-key, lunch w/ friends, and prepping for a visit from the in-laws.

Mo said...

You have quite the busy weekend planned! Where is the time for you?

Happy anniversary. Hope you have a great celebration and congratulations! In this day and age, five years can be a long time.

A 10 miler? Whoa!!! You give me inspiration. I used to run cross country in high school and I do miss it. I don't think my knees can take it anymore. Heck, I am doing good to be walking again. One day maybe I can work my way toward there.

Glad you had a good time in Seattle the other night and had dinner at the Fish. Good food, good friends, good times.

Summer said...

I think I'm missing something about Pete.

We have an Ikea store that's quite a drive to get to, so I've never been. BUT, the container store is much closer and I've never been and now I want too.

Mo said...

Pete and I broke up over a month ago and since then, there has been a little bit of hurt and drama. I'm almost completely past it now but for him and I to be around each other is not a good idea right now.

I highly recommend the container store. I have not been in years so I am looking forward to it. Especially since I like to have stuff neat and organized.

Go and let me know what you think.