Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's All Good

I have a new friend.

I believe we both knew we were going to hit it off before we actually met in person. We knew for sure when he sent a text to let me know he was running a bit behind and I asked if I could order a drink for him so it would be ready when he arrived.
A gin and soda with lime for him. My usual for me.

From the drinks, we moved onward to salads for dinner which were followed by more drinks with laughter, sharing, and observations sprinkled in. We rounded out the night with some rotel inspired chips and dip.
Yes, Paolo. You called it. This girl from the south likes her fake cheese with rotel and chips. Don't hate. Appreciate!
How we do...five and a half hours later.
He's texting. He's emailing. He's blowing up the blog. And it is all good.
Next up? Hopefully a day spent with the cameras in downtown or somewhere where we can snap away followed by sushi and a trip to get the supplies for the painting I am going to beg and plead he does for me. Or we can break all those up in chunks and do one at a time.
As for the painting, no hurries bra'. I want you to do it at your own pace. I would be honored to have a piece of your art in my home. I'm reserving the hallway wall for your masterpiece.
That is if I can handle the stalking...


kimmyk said...

Yeah for new friends!
I love me some Red Robin. They have the best quesadilla's there and bottomless fries. YUM!

Tammy said...

I heart new friends!!

And good food and drinks.

wendy said...

That's a fun picture of you guys!

Sounds like you're having a good time. Wonderful! And well deserved.

Paolo said...

heheh :) fun times.... Thanks again!

Mo said...

I did my best to stay away from the bottomless fries. With ranch. Evil.

Me too.

We want to come out your way. For coffee or something. You in?

No. The thanks goes to you! Let me know when the next time you are free to get together.

Ace C said...

Who is this Paolo fellow. Send me a social and I can get started on a background check.

Paolo said...

here is the soc


let us know what you find out. I can provide professional references also. :)

Ace C said...

Ahhh. Seems like someone has jokes...
Someone call Last Comic Standing and get this guy an audition.

Mo said...

Ace, Play nice. You are going to like him. I promise.

Liz Ness said...


Can't wait to meet you Mo! But, I have to warn you, I'm not as young as I used to be. And, I'm not nearly as "Hip" as Paolo...he totally rocks!

So glad y'all had such blast!