Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Should be Wearing This

And hurt.

I refuse to shed tears.

Time will heal. That is what they say right?

But for the time being, I am pissed off and hurt.

Rightfully so I believe. Others may disagree but my reality says it is ok and warranted to feel this way.

Sorry to ruin your day with my buzz kill.

Hopefully I will wake up with some newfound perspective.


wendy said...

Why the long face, my friend?

Today is a new day! And seriously, if you need comfort food, try the natural cheetos. ;-)

anna said...

I sorry...............

kimmyk said...

Alright, whose ass do I need to kick today?

I'm sorry you're hurt. I hope you're feeling better about the situation, but if say the word.

wendy said...

Okay, it's been a WHOLE DAY! No updates! I'm with Kimmy, I can whoop up on someone too - did you see my mad M-16 skills??? And I'm LOCAL!

And if you don't need a can of whoop @$$ for anyone, I can bring over pasta and wine, perfect comfort food for rainy weather. ;-)